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Learning against the Coast Moutain and facing the Pacific Ocean, Ningpu Primary School has abundant resources.It is located in the northeast of Taitung County. There are 50 students, about ninety percent of them are Amis, and 20 faculty members.

To give the student a different area, our school develop the diverse curriculum and club activities. Create a successful experience, so that to express their gift and self-actualization.

   On the curriculum, apart from the normalization instruction, the school has multicultural education curriculum such as Cool English and the Math Tomorrow. Use of the information technology to inspire the motivation of students to learn English and math.

  On the club activities, there are football, aboriginal song, music, art, choir, multi-creative and other kind of activities, to develop the multi-dimensional wisdom of the rich connotation of education.

  Teachers hope to integrate the concept of multi-cultural education, combined with the characteristics of the school education and field of teaching. Promote the school teachers and students to learn new ideas. Teachers through a variety of teaching activities and the implementation of school-based curriculum development train student's keen experience and creativity. Let the children have the ability to go with.